Illustration of Reaming

Widening an existing hole to achieve the desired diameter and hole tolerances.

Operations such as BORING, FINISH BORING, broaching, pull broaching and honing where an existing hole is machined to widen and achieve desired hole tolerances such as roundness and surface finish.

We have chosen the above definition since all REAMING operations affect both hole diameter and tolerances.

Others define REAMING as widening an existing hole without any connection to hole tolerances.

To correct a hole center position is only possible with the BORING and FINISH BORING. Brotsching and honing affects only the diameter of the hole roundness as they are governed by the existing hole center.

Chip-breaking operation when an existing hole diameter is increased by a rotary cutter.
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Abrasive machining where a tool consisting of a number of abrasive stones is scrubbed along the inner wall of a hole
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Pull broaching
A cutting tool is pulled axially through a hole to gradually transform it into the desired shape and tolerance
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Reamers are used to widen a hole diameter while improving its roundness.
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