Chip Types

Illustration of Chip Types

Various types of chips in cutting

In the cutting process, chips with different shapes are formed depending on the type of material, cutting parameters and the design of the tool's chip breaker.

They can be divided into the following shapes and lengths:



Snarled Long Short Stub
A Ribbon chips X X X X
B Tubular chips X X X X
C Conical chips X X X X
D Washer chips X X X X
E Spiral chips   X X X
F Arc chips     X X
G Elemental chips        X
H Needle chips       X

Snarled and long chips are undesirable since they can interfere with the process and result in poorer cutting results. Shorter shavings are usually accepted, but in some cases stubs are required to provide good conditions for automation or when the chips are removed through flushing channels.

The surface smoothness of the workpiece after machining is influenced by what type of chip is created. Each time a chip breaks off, a small notch is formed in the surface. Each break also gives rise to a vibration which, in certain circumstances, can lead to the desired surface smoothness not being achieved.