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Iron phosphating

Process Galvanized coating treatment where the workpiece through the conversion coating reacts with the added solution and so that a layer of iron is formed on the workpiece surface.

Low plasticity polishing

Process Polishing process where a roller is pressed against the workpiece surface for pressing down unevenness and thus create a smoother surface which is additionally work-hardened.

Magnetic polishing

Process Polishing process in which the workpieces are placed in a liquid containing detergent and small ferromagnetic needles which is rotated by externally applied magnetic fields.

Multi-layer nickel plating

Process Surface coating process where the workpiece through two subsequent anode-cathode reactions is coated with two or more layers of nickel.

Plasma spraying

Process Surface coating method in which plasma is used for melting and spraying a powder onto the workpiece that is coated.

Platinum plating

Process Application of a thin layer of platinum with the help of an anode-cathode reaction between parts and the blank.