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Water blasting

Process Blasting process where only water under a high pressure is used to blast the surface of a workpiece.

Wet abrasive blasting

Process Blasting operation where the abrasive is mixed with a liquid and additionally with compressed air and then ejected onto the workpiece to clean its surface.

Wheel blasting

Process Blasting process where an abrasive agent which often consists of metal balls is supplied to a rotating wheel which then throws the balls onto the contact surface of the workpiece.

Wire arc spray coating

Process Surface coating method in which two wires are melted by an electric arc and ejected by compressed air.

Zinc electroplating

Process Surface coating process where the workpiece through an anode-cathode reaction in an acidic solution is coated with a thin layer of zinc.

Zinc thermal spraying

Process A surface coating method in which two metal wires of zinc is melted in an electric arc and thrown against the surface with compressed air.