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Surface cleaning

Alkaline washing

Process Surface cleaning method where the details are rinsed or immersed in an alkaline liquid.

Bristle blasting

Process Blasting operation where a rotating brush whose steel bristles hit the workpiece surface.

Centrifugal tumbling

Process Polishing process where several workpieces together with an abrasive chips tumbles around so that the surface of the workpieces are smoothed and polished.

Dry-ice blasting

Process Blasting operations in which dry ice pellets are pushed onto a workpiece at high speeds.

Electro Hydraulic cleaning

Process Mechanical surface cleaning process where the workpiece immersed in water is subjected to a high voltage such that shock waves are formed and clean its surface.

Magnetic polishing

Process Polishing process in which the workpieces are placed in a liquid containing detergent and small ferromagnetic needles which is rotated by externally applied magnetic fields.

Pneumatic blasting

Process Blasting process where an abrasive supported by compressed air is ejected toward the workpiece to clean its surface.

Pyrolysis Cleaning

Process Cleaning the workpiece under high temperature and the absence of oxygen which results in pyrolysis.

Sponge jet blasting

Process Blasting process where a sponge-like abrasive is blasted out and creates a vacuum on the workpiece that binds to the removed material.