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Bend testing

Process Testing method in which a loading pin bends the material for any defects to be revealed.

Brinell testing

Process Testing method for materials in which a carbide ball is pressed down against the surface and creates an indentation which is measured to estimate the material’s Brinell hardness.


Process Translation in progress

Charpy impact test

Process Cutting method in which an electrically charged wire is fed through a workpiece creating an electric discharge that cuts a contour in its horizontal plane.

Eddy Current Testing, ET

Process Testing method for materials where a coil is charged with an alternating current to create eddy currents, which differ and indirectly detects when there is a defect in the material surface.

Euler’s buckling test

Process Test method where the material is loaded with a force in different situations to finally be able to determine the buckling force.

Fracture Toughness Testing

Process Testing method in which an initial crack is subjected to a force or a bending moment so that the material's fracture toughness can be determined.