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Abrasive water-jet cutting 2D

Cutting of workpiece by abrasion from a high-pressure water jet mixed with abrasive agents.

Illustration of Abrasive water-jet cutting 2D

The process

Water under high pressure [1] of up to 4000 bar is focused through a nozzle [2]. Abrasive agents [3] are then supplied through the vacuum formed in the mixing chamber [4]. High pressure water jet charged with the abrasive agent then cut through the workpiece.

The cutting head is positioned by means of a gantry system.

Water mixed with debris is collected and filtered to partially reuse the abrasive agent.

Gantry system
A control commonly used for positioning a tool within the Cartesian coordinate system (X, Y, Z)
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Product examples
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Advantages and disadvantages
In comparison with alternative methods
Can cut all materials
Low heat
Suitable for cutting brittle and/or hard materials
Slower cutting speed
The cut narrows with depth