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Butt welding

Process Joining process of two wires or rods by heat created by a contact resistance between the workpieces.

Cold Pressure Welding

Process Joining process where a large plastic deformation joins together two workpieces without pre-heating.

Diffusion Welding, DFW

Process Joining process by heat and pressure where the contact surfaces are joined by diffusion of atoms.

Drawn arc welding

Process Joining process that welds two workpieces by the generation of an electric arc. It’s imperative that the detail has a defined protrusion.

Electro gas welding

Process Joining process resulting from the continuous supply of a metal electrode, which is melted in the presence of a protective gas.

Electro slag welding

Process Joining process done by melting a metal electrode. This takes place along with a continuous addition of flux.

Explosion Welding

Process Joining process where two metal sheets are welded together by the heat and pressure created by an explosive which is detonated above the upper plate.

Forge welding

Process Joining process where heat is generated by contact resistance between two rods burning away any impurities on the contact surface and welding the parts together.