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Electro slag welding

Joining process done by melting a metal electrode. This takes place along with a continuous addition of flux.

Illustration of Electro slag welding

The process

Before machining commences two water-cooling shoes [1] are placed on each side of the weld zone to prevent the melt flowing out during the welding process. The welding area is filled with the flux and then supplied continuously with a metal wire [2], which also acts as electrode. The wire may be solid or tubular and filled with flux. The workpiece and the electrode are connected to a power source, and this causes an electric arc. This creates high amount of heat energy, resulting in the flux, the electrode and the workpiece partially melting into a mixture of melt and slag [3].

The wire and its steering mechanism is then raised as the weld area filled with melt continuously solidifies and finally form the desired weld. Finishing in the form of grinding can be applied in cases where accessibility is good and a small weld is desired.