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Plasma welding

Joining process where a plasma generator arc melts the workpiece along with the filler material.

Illustration of Plasma welding

The process

The method is similar to TIG method, but the biggest difference is how the water-cooled torch is constructed.

In cases where a filler material [1] is to be used as it is fed into and melted directly in the arc [2]. What determines the need for the filling material is particularly workpiece thickness.

An inert gas [2], typically consisting of argon, is supplied to protect the melt from oxidation. Meanwhile a plasma gas [4] is pumped next to the tungsten electrode [5]. This gas normally consists of argon.

The electrode in the torch and the workpiece is then connected to an external power source, which means that the plasma gas is ionized so that an arc is created between the electrode and the workpiece, the arc heats and melts the workpiece and optionally fillers. The blowtorch is often cooled with circulating water.