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Laser cutting 3D of flat material

3D cutting of flat workpiece by combustion of material by means of high intensity light generated in a laser generator.

Illustration of Laser cutting 3D of flat material

The process

A laser beam [1] is generated and then directed to the cutting head [2] using mirrors. Where the beam is focused with a lens [3] and a cutting gas [4], which usually consists of oxygen or nitrogen, is supplied to the cutting head and surround the laser beam during the cutting process. The laser beam is focused [5] on the workpiece [6], which heats up, melts and partially vaporizes the material and a cutting section is created.

The molten material formed during the cutting process is blown away by the cutting gas. This protects the lens from splashes from the cutting area and also makes the laser beam free of vapors that could absorb parts of the laser beam.

By using oxygen instead of an inert gas, a higher cutting speed is achieved since it contributes to faster combustion of the material but leaves an oxide layer on the cut surface, which may be negative in some cases.

The cutting head is positioned usually by means of a portal system in combination with additional shafts to provide tilting and rotation. The systems are designed for angled cutting of flat plates and to some extent also for cutting curved surfaces but does not have the same slant opportunities and working range seen in full 3D cutting.

By nesting details can be placed in a way that minimizes wastage of material.

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By placing the details in an optimal way, you can minimize spillage and average set up time per detail when cutting sheet metal
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Typiska applikationer

Detaljer som laserskärns går ofta vidare till svetsning vilket i sin tur kan kräva en fogbredning för att uppnå en godkänd svetsfog. Genom att nyttja denna teknik kan man direkt skapa fogberedda detaljer och på så sätt helt eliminera efterföljande steg inför svetsning.

Metoden ger även möjlighet att vinkla snitten för att detaljerna skall få bättre passform inför montering.

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