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Band sawing

Cutting process where the workpiece is cut by chip breaking with a toothed belt.

Illustration of Band sawing

The process

The workpiece is clamped and processed by a serrated band [1] revolving around two belt wheels [2]. Control Units [3] angle the blade to be fed perpendicular through the workpiece. The teeth of the blade remove material by chip breaking.

Usually cutting fluid is supplied for cooling the process and allow for a high cutting speed.

Chip breaking
The way in which a chip breaks
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Cutting fluid
Cutting fluid has three main purposes. Cooling, lubrication and removal of chips.
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Advantages and disadvantages
In comparison with alternative methods
Ideal vertical incision
Fine surface
Minimized change in mechanical properties of materials
Teeth engaged all the time
Improved accuracy of automated
Small heat affected zone at the cut
Not at all suitable for curves
Limited thickness
Takes up lots of space