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Wire bending single tool

Plastic deformation of metal wire where the wire is fed forward, bent in one or more steps and subsequently cut loose.

Illustration of Wire bending single tool

The process

The work piece consisting of a metal wire [1] is fed through the split die [2] adapted with bending pins suited for the bending shapes. The rotary bending tool [3] bends the wire around the die resulting in plastic deformation. Then, the wire is moved up to the next bending position. The entire bending anvil [4] can be rotated about the wire axis, and thus enabling bending in all directions.

Finished part is released by cutting the wire in the desired location.

Many bending machines can switch between different sets of bending tools to be able to vary the bending radius or allow other complex bends.

Product examples
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Advantages and disadvantages
In comparison with alternative methods
High degree of automation, continuous production