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Vickers testing

Testing method for materials in which an indenter whose tip is shaped like a pyramid creates a depression whose area is translated into Vickers hardness.

Illustration of Vickers testing

The process

As the method typically measures very small values, the surface must be smooth enough before testing can begin. An indenter [1] of diamond, whose tip is pyramid-shaped, is pressed down against the material [2] to be tested. The pressure applied is usually relatively low and maintained for a certain time interval, which creates a depression in the material. Depression diagonals are measured to calculate its area, which in conjunction with the pressure gives an indication of the material’s Vickers hardness.

Advantages and disadvantages
In comparison with alternative methods
Uses only a scale
Not sensitive to a deflection of the workpiece
One type of indenter used for all types of metals
appropriate for the final product
Slow tests
The test zone must be carefully prepared and polished
Indenter shaft is a very important factor, an angle creates an irregular indentation
More suitable for the laboratory than workshops