1. From product idea to after market

The purpose of this guide is to give those with physical product ideas insight into what challenges await and how these can be tackled.

Illustration of From product idea to after market

Guide under development

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth commissioned MG, RISE, IUC and SISP to develop solutions that create better conditions for the realization of physical product ideas.
The following two areas were identified that needed to be strengthened:

1. Matchmaking between product ideas and Swedish suppliers - Which resulted in a matching platform on MG >>

2. Raise knowledge about the realization of physical product ideas - Which resulted in the development of this Light Guide

Light Guide - From product idea to aftermarket is in an early stage of development and many of the chapters still lack content.

A niche tool that complements classic business development

MG's solutions function as a niche tool and network with Innovation-supporting suppliers that create better conditions for business consulting organizations and idea owners to go from a first simpler prototype to full-scale production.

No linear process

We have the choice to present "From product idea to aftermarket" as a linear process with numbered chapters to provide a better overview. In reality, the flow is much more complex with many parallel activities and many adjustments to previous decisions, so-called iterations. We usually liken the process to a spiral walk up a piece of cake divided into pieces where each piece of cake represents the different areas that are reviewed over and over again.


The capital of the handbook should instead be seen as a smorgasbord where you start by getting acquainted with the entire content and then picking out the parts that are relevant to your own product idea. The manual is thus not a recipe to follow but a list of available ingredients.