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Vibration polishing of small components

Polishing processing where multiple workpieces together with abrasive chips are vibrated so that the surface of the workpieces are smoothed and polished.

Illustration of Vibration polishing of small components

The process

The workpieces are placed into a vibratory trough with abrasive chips [1]. The trough is vibrated while water is added. The vibrations make the chips turns and rub against the workpiece surface which is then smoothed and polished. Depending on the workpiece material, design, and the desired result, a variety of sizes and shapes of chips are available as often ceramic or polyester-based chip. The trays can have many different shapes and sizes depending on the type of parts to be machined. When using a trough-vibrator, one can use the technology in a process flow where parts are constantly vibrated through a linear trough.