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Submerged arc welding

Joining process resulting from the continuous supply of a metal electrode, which is melted in an electric arc protected by a granular fusible flux.

Illustration of Submerged arc welding

The process

A constant feed of a metal wire, which also acts as electrode and filler is fed by a spool [1] through a control mechanism. The welding area is provided with a granular fusible flux [2] with the task to create a protective atmosphere. The workpiece and the electrode is then connected to a power source for creating an arc [3] between them. Note that the electric arc is hidden under the flux.

As a result of the high thermal energy as the electrode and part of the workpiece is melted to a mixture of slag and melt. When the melt is cooled a weld joint is formed and the remaining slag and flux is removed [4].

Due to the use of flux, there is no need to supply a protective gas.