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Open die forging

Forging process where the workpiece is exposed to several types of a dies that does not surround the entire workpiece.

Illustration of Open die forging

The process

The die [1] in this method, unlike closed die forging, does not surround the workpiece but have a much simpler design, usually a flat surface. Thus, the final form is not bound to the die design, but you have great freedom to shape the workpiece into various shapes.

The heated workpiece is handled by tongs [2] and placed on an anvil whereupon the mandrel is pushed or driven into the workpiece with an applied pressing force. The tongs move the workpiece axial and/or rotate it between the press strokes so as to gradually form the workpiece to the required shape.

Closed die forging
Forging process in which a workpiece by means of one or more strokes is deformed between two closed mold halves.
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