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Mechanical honing

Abrasive treatment with a tool made out of a number of abrasive stone rotating against the walls of a hole.

Illustration of Mechanical honing

The process

The tool consists of a spindle on which a number of abrasive stones [1] are mounted in a suspension. The tool is fed to the surface and using the suspension applies the stones to the edge of the hole under slight pressure. During the grinding process the tool oscillates axially and moves in circular motion rubbing against hole wall. A cutting fluid cools the tool and washes away the swarf formed.

Cutting fluid
Cutting fluid has three main purposes. Cooling, lubrication and removal of chips.
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Typiska applikationer

Metoden används för att uppnå snävare toleranser och bättre ytfinhet hos befintliga hål.

Man kan även skapa slipmönster för att maximera effekten av smörjmedel.

Ett typiskt område är slipning av cylinderhus.