Specialist in fine mechanical manufacturing

Inpex is a company that specializes in fine mechanical manufacturing, primarily for industry. Among other things, parts are manufactured for electronic and medical equipment, but also other things that require fine mechanical work in various metals.

Thanks to a large network of contacts, Inpex can offer complete solutions in collaboration with other companies. The customer only needs to keep Inpex updated with what is required for the project, while Inpex handles all contact with partners.

The machine park has grown and developed in step with customer requirements and is of course CNC-controlled.


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Tenngatan 29
195 72 Rosenberg

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Manufacturing - Prototyp
Manufacturing - Contractor
Manufacturing - System
Tillverkning - Slutprodukt

Normal customer base

Elektro mechanics
Chemistry industry
Food industry
Work shop products
Process industry
Commercial kitchen
Open for widening our branch

Annual volume

1 - 10
10 - 1 000
1 000 - 10 000
> 10 000

Batch volyme

1 - 10
10 - 1 000
1 000 - 10 000
> 10 000
Business areas

Manufacturing / sales of tools

Extrusion tools
Press tools
Form tools
Punch & Shear tools
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