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Binder jetting

Additive manufacturing where a powder is bound together layer by layer using a binder agent to create a 3D-object.

Illustration of Binder jetting

The process

A powder material [1] is spread out in a thin and even layer on a building platform [2] using a roller [3]. A print head then applies a binder agent to the cross section of the detail to bind the powder. The process is repeated while the platform is lowered gradually. Thus building up a detail that depending on the binder and powder can be solid or porous.

Usually the part is prost processed by a curing process to create a solid detail that can be used for the intended application.

Metal powder-based binder jetting undergoes subsequent sintering to create a final solid detail.

3D sand printing is a similar method commonly used to create complex castings of sand or ceramic material.

Unused powder is recycled.

Product examples
AM-test: Metal binder jetting
Metal Binder Jetting
Metal Binder Jetting
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