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3D Sand printning, 3DSP

Additive manufacturing where sand is bonded together using a binding agent, layer by layer to build a 3D-bject.

Illustration of 3D Sand printning, 3DSP

The process

Sand is mixed separately with an activator and spread out in a thin and even layer over the building platform using a feed. A print head then applies adhesive to the cross section of the detail to bind the sand grains. The process is repeated while the platform is gradually lowered. Hardening occurs either with heat from a heat source or at room temperature. Thus building up a detail that can be solid or porous.

When the print job is done, the box is emptied by vacuuming and brushing off the loose sand.

The finished mold or core is removed from the unused material.

Up to 30% of the unused material is recycled.

Typiska applikationer

3DSP används som hybridtillverkning av gjutna komplexa komponenter, gjutna i 3D-utskrivna gjutformar.