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Tube drawing

Forming machining in which the workpiece is drawn through a tapered shape with a center that reduces and transforms the cross sectional area.

Illustration of Tube drawing
Illustration of Tube drawing

The process

The work piece [1] in the form of a tube blank is cleaned and coated with a lubricant before processing. One end which is chamfered is inserted through the form [2] and by a pulling force, the entire tube through the mold and reduces and changes the tube cross sectional area [3]. A fixed core [Top image] or a liquid core [Bottom image] control the internal cross section. Ordinarily a reduction of cross-sectional area of about 50% is achieved.

Advantages and disadvantages
In comparison with alternative methods
Good inner surface finish
Good outer surface finish All kinds of pipe shapes can be created
Often requires more than one step to create the final product
Limited tube length