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Thermal deburring, TEM

Thermal deburring processing of the workpiece is subjected to combustion for a very short time in a pressure chamber, so that its burrs are removed.

Illustration of Thermal deburring, TEM

The process

Before processing can begin the work piece should be cleaned to remove any oil on the surface thereof, because the oil may affect the combustion process. The workpiece is placed in a pressure chamber and an explosive mixture of natural gas and oxygen is added to the chamber. The gas mixture is ignited and burned in a very short time so that there is a large temperature increase and increased pressure is obtained in the chamber. The workpiece does not change in temperature due to the short heat pulse and is therefore not affected. However there’s enough time for the workpiece protruding burrs to be incinerated. The amount of burrs that can be removed depends on the size of the burrs on the workpiece, and how small its contact area is to the workpiece.