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Single pressing of plates - automated

Press forming of details on sheet metal.

Illustration of Single pressing of plates - automated

The process

A usually pre-cut work piece [1] is placed on a lower tool [2], after which an upper tool [3] is lowered down by an applied pressing force, in this case usually with an excenter press. The tools are largely similar to those used in punching but is often specially manufactured to produce parts in large volumes in the most efficient manner possible.

Each tool may contain various operations that subject the workpiece to punching, shearing and/or plastic deformation.

The workpiece in the form of metal sheet with corrected width is fed by the feed rollers [4] through straightening rolls [5] which ensures that the plate is straightened before it is inserted in the tool.

This method is often used as a pre step before roll forming. In that case the part is not separated from the band since the band continues after the pressing to be roll formed to a profile.

Roll forming
Rolling process where the strip is progressively formed between the form rollers to the final profile.
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