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Resin sand molding

Forming process where a sand mold made of resin-bonded sand used to create a molded product.

Illustration of Resin sand molding

The process

Two separate mold halves are made by covering two master molds with sand and resin. The molds are vibrated to ensure that all voids are filled and subsequently optionally pressed to create more resistant mold halves. Inlet and other details necessary for an adequate casting is then machined out on one or both mold halves.

The dies are then assembled to complete the form and cores are added if required. Then the mold is filled with molten metal, which on solidification is freed from the sand mold usually with a shaker or vibratory rod.

Compared with conventional sand mold, casting resin sand can be packed more tightly giving it higher strength. Thus one can maintain higher tolerances and also get higher surface finish.

In cases where the part has a flat side one mold may be sufficient which greatly simplifies the process.