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Laser engineered net shaping, LENS

Additive manufacturing method in which the product is built up layer by layer by continuously feeding of metal powder or metal wire melted in to a laser beam.

Illustration of Laser engineered net shaping, LENS

The process

A laser beam [1] created by a laser generator is focused through a lens [2] onto the workpiece. Metal powder [3], or metal wire, is introduced at the focus of the laser beam, where the metal powder and workpiece melt and thus building on the surface. An inert gas [4] is supplied to protect both the laser and the melt from contamination during the welding process.

The cross section of the detail is thus built up step by step until the complete detail is created.

The method can also be used to repair damaged or worn surfaces and is then often described as laser welding with powder.

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Laser welding
Joining process by melting the material with lasers.
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