Idea owners

We help idea owners to identify and initiate contact with innovation-supporting suppliers.

"If you are not ashamed of your prototype, you have developed it too far"

Initiating collaboration early with knowledgeable developers and manufacturers creates better conditions for success with their product idea.
At the same time, this reduces the risks for all parties involved, which increases the chance of securing any need for external financing. 

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1. Register a free account

Create a free user account where you specify the professional role "Idea owner".
As logged in, you can then tag up a product idea.

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2. Tag your product idea

Under My Account -> My Product Idea, you tag your product idea to a number of non-revealing categories such as industry focus and type of components

3. Filter among suppliers

You will receive an email when your free access is activated and can then start filtering within the niche network with Innovation Supporting Suppliers

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