Filtering of innovation support suppliers

Our unique filter and serach functions helps matching product ideas with suitable developers and manufacturers

Access to system

Registered product idea or official collaboration provides free access to the niche network 

Log in and start filtering

Once you have been granted access, you can log in, go to Search provider and start filtering within the niche network

Combine filters

Combine innovation filters (red) and general filters (blue) to identify suitable suppliers.

General facts befor contact

Requirements for contact, who may initiate contact, general experience, contact information, etc.

Product dev. general

Experiences and services linked to going from product idea to productable product on paper.

From prototype to delivery

Experiences and services linked to going from first prototype to mass production and delivery.

Business presentation

Expand the innovation field in company presentations to take part in each supplier's innovation facts

Sales-pitch & facts

At the top of the field you will find, if registered, an "innovation pitch" followed by a summary of the three blocks