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Hand held gas cutting

Handheld gas cutting creates a cut by burning the workpiece with the help of burning and cutting gas

Illustration of Hand held gas cutting

The process

Handheld gas cutting is carried out by ignited burning gas [1] with the purpose of heating the material to the ignition temperature. The cutting gas, oxygen, supplied through the center of the nozzle [2] adds the extra energy required to perform the cutting itself. The cutting beam [3] helps to melt and burn the material, thus creating a cut in the workpiece [4]. The material residues are pushed away from the section of the oxygen gas in the form of a slag jet [5].

The purity of the oxygen and the flow rate, which is largely influenced by the nozzle's design, greatly affect the gas cutting results.

Burning gas choosen depends on several factors, such as the workpiece thickness and time for heating.