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Fused Granular Fabrication, FGF

Additive manufacturing method in which melted plastic granules are deposited on a bed layer by layer to form the 3D-object.

Illustration of Fused Granular Fabrication, FGF

The process

The product is formed on a mobile building platform [1]. Plastic granules are supplied to a vertical extrusion screw that rotates, heats and presses the granules down to a molten homogeneous plastic mass. The mass is pressed through a replaceable nozzle [4], where the flow is controlled by the diameter and shape of the passage. Larger throughput gives higher building speed but lower surface finish and vice versa.

The plastic mass is deposited through the nozzle at constant speed and a cross-section of the CAD model is built up. After each layer, the building platform is lowered [5] and the next layer is added.

If necessary, a supporting structure is also printed [6] to allow overhangs. Post-processing in the form of removal of these support structures is required.

Plastic forming process where a plastic melt is pressed through a die to create an axially symmetric profile.
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Product examples
T-rex huvud
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Advantages and disadvantages
In comparison with alternative methods
High production capacity
Next to all polymers can be used
High material usage rate
Faster for large products
Good for evaluating new materials and material mixtures
High durability in manufacturing production
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