Our driving force


Strengthen the competitiveness of national industry and innovation


Increase the nuber of products manufactured within the country's borders and bring back already outsourced products


Map suppliers and facts dealing with development and manufacture of sustainable products to make it easely accessible


Our offer

A knowledge database

More than 600 described manufacturing methods and over 1,000 illustrations make us the world's broadest encyclopedia in production technology.
We also provide industrial quizzes that increase interest and broaden knowledge in production technology.

A bridge to 4,500 suppliers

The descriptions help users discover and learn about manufacturing methods which are linked to relevant companies in our register.

A network of innovation supporters

Through innovation-specific categorization and requirements before contact, we create better conditions for suppliers to be involved in new product ideas

A support for new product ideas

Custom filters help the idea owners to identify suitable innovation-supporting suppliers and prepare for contact


Our business model

Supplier membership

Paying supplier members receive an extended company profile at the same time as they are prioritized in the search results


Paying cluster owners can administer and expose their supplier clusters

Sponsorship of Quiz

Quiz sponsors receive accurate and cost-effective exposure to both industry and academia



Manufacturing Guide was founded by Hans Bergmark in 2016 with the aim of creating better conditions for keeping both product development and manufacturing within Sweden's borders and to produce products in a more sustainable way.

In order to make a difference on a global level, the platform is now being developed to become a support and network that helps countries to create better national conditions and to facilitate cooperation with neighboring regions and countries.


Hans Bergmark, Founder/CEO

2016 - Present
Founder/CEO Manufacturing Guide

2010 - 2015
Marketing director for leading metal supplier

2000 - 2010
Founder/CEO industry sub-supplier

1995 - 2000
Masters degree i Mechanical engineering