Quality assurance through senior advisors.

The founders of the service are Hans- and Jessica Bergmark, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Innovative Product Development.

Our idea of supporting those who work with product development and production is now starting to find its basic shape and will now be further developed with broader and deeper content and intelligent features.

Ever since the main idea emerged, senior advisors in a variety of relevant areas have been involved in planning, development, and quality assurance. Their expertise and good will to contribute to the development has been and is vital to our ongoing development.

Hans Bergmark

Manufacturing Guide

- Development & Marketing -

Jessica Bergmark

Manufacturing Guide

- UX, Design & Marketing -

Anders Eliasson

Royal Institute of Technology
Director of studies materials science

- Advisor Metallic materials -

Jan-Eric Ståhl

Lund Institute of Technology
Professor Industrial Production

- Advisor Methods & Materials -

Jörgen Andersson


- Advisor Iron based metals -

Per Tägtström

Toleap Consulting
Founder Toleap Consulting

- Advisor Iron based metals -

Jan Kupooa

Toleap Consulting
Founder Toleap Consulting

- Advisor Product development -

Gert Nilson

Technical director

- General advisor -

Elisabeth Sagström Bäck

Swerea IVF
Department manager, Manufacturing

- Advisor Manufacturing -

Patrik Lindström

Innovation advisor

- General advisor -

Katarina R Claesson

Stockholm University
PhD Intellectual Properties

- Advisor IP-rights -

Patrik Hultgren

Bricco AB
System developer

- System architect -