Price list Quiz-exposure

Price per Quiz area and quarter

Each Quiz area contains a set of sub-Quizes where Main and Co-Sponsors are repeatedly exposed

Number of quarters Huvudsponsor Medsponsor
One Quarter 12 000SEK 8 000SEK
Two Quarter 20 000SEK 12 000SEK
Three Quarter 26 000SEK 15 000SEK
Four Quarter 30 000SEK 17 000SEK
Included membership*
Premium (Value 7 900kr)
Base (Value 5 900kr)
* Full company profile linked to relevant manufacturing methods and prioritized search positions


Active marketing per quarter

At the end of each quarter, we market our Quiz, which generates about 95% of the traffic

                 Quarter                  Marketing period
1 w7 - w12
2 w19 - w25
3 w32 - w38
4 w44 - w50


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