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Extensive experience in the development and manufacture of injection molded plastic parts

Smålandsplast is constantly working to develop product and production, this through various steps in the entire process from idea to packaged and distributed product.

Smålandsplast has been around since the 50s and with many years of knowledge in plastic production, we can injection molded plastic on our five fingers. We see ourselves as a development partner and can during the product life cycle contribute with ongoing product development, production efficiency and training on plastic and its properties to our customers.

Over the years, we have helped our customers to increase product performance, that the product has become easier to use and that production has become more cost-effective.

Smålandsplast has its own tool manufacturing, which means that we can quickly adapt production and series to the customer's needs and market demand. We can also store and maintain the tools to ensure operational reliability and production precision.


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Varvsvägen 7
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