Manufacturing Guide and Qimtek cooperation

The collaboration and synergies between Manufacturing Guide and Qimtek provide completely new opportunities to further develop customized solutions that deliver maximum benefit for both customers and suppliers.

In total, it is the industry's largest network with more than 150,000 unique visitors per year, over 7,000 connected buyers and more than 200 active business advisors who use our respective solutions to find the right one among over 4,500 suppliers.

Common vision

Create better conditions for maintaining / reclaiming development and manufacture of physical products

MG´s focus

Knowledge database that increases competence and guides visitors from industry, innovation and academia to suppliers

Qimtek´s focus

Marketplace that connects and supports the contact between buyers and suppliers in the industry


Thanks to overlapping customer segments, the collaboration provides a comprehensive service "From idea to full-scale production"

Wider range

The collaboration provides a very wide reach and we can guide visitors between the sites depending on what they are looking for


At the same time, the collaboration provides synergies that enable us to deliver even better and more cost-effective solutions